Expert Bike Fitting

A precision fit makes all the difference not only in your performance but also in how you feel while you’re riding and after you finish a ride. 

We are certified licensed users of the precision Retül bite fit system which uses motion capture technology to assess not just how you sit on your bike, but how you actually ride it.

We look at multiple angles as you’re riding to ensure the fit of your bike is optimal, knowing that even a millimeter can make a huge difference in your performance and in how you feel during and after a ride.

If you’re contemplating buying a new bike, we can help you narrow the range of options based on your biomechanics.

Then, we can fit that new bike (or your existing one) to you perfectly.

The in-person process takes around three hours and includes an interview so our fitters understand your goals and how you plan to use your bike. We factor your size, flexibility, compensations, mobility, and position and movement patterns to optimize how you interface with your bike.

People who we’ve fit bikes for report better performance as well as less pain in their necks, backs, wrists, hips, knees and ankles.

With certifications from SICI and Retul University combined with over 10 years of bike fitting experience we are excited to work with you to achieve your bike fitting goals.