Preparing for the FtCo Grand Prix

A week at home to get everything ready.

After a restless night in an airport hotel I caught an early fight back to Colorado. We landed in Denver around 10:30 AM. As usual I checked in with Linda, to let her know I had landed and about what time I would be home. She mentioned that she had an opening in her massage schedule, and if I wanted to come straight to her office I could get the racing and travel worked out of my legs (and yes, I do know how lucky I am). I proceeded to pass out on the table, exhausted from the travel and lack of sleep. Much needed.Some fresh custom stickers for the IronCross

I knew it was going to be a pretty short week between Providence and the US Grand Prix in Fort Collins. The goal for the week was to go into the weekend as rested as possible, which meant for a pretty light training week. That worked out perfectly because I had a lot to get caught up on at home and at the gym, and most importantly I needed to get caught up on some sleep.

SleepCycle app for iPhoneI’ve been using a sleep app on my phone that monitors your movement patterns while you sleep. It’s called Sleep Cycle. Initially I downloaded it because I was wanting a gentle alarm to wake up to. Something that wasn’t so abrupt. So the way this thing works is it uses the accelerometer in the iPhone to sense your movement while you sleep. You set the alarm for when you have to be awake then you set a range, say 30 min. It tries to wake you when you are in your lightest sleep state with in that range. It also tracks your sleep patterns so you can look back and see the quality of sleep you are getting. Some pretty interesting info, and an area of training that I feel is often times over looked.

Because I immediately packed bikes after Sunday’s race in Providence, I needed to get them unpacked and race ready. At the time I thought they were pretty clean but, it’s funny how relative “clean” is. After racing for an hour in the mud it doesn’t take much for bikes to look “clean”. I always go thru the bikes thoroughly after I get home. I wash them again and inspect them to make sure bearings are good and all parts are in good working order. Getting bikes ready, shoes/helmet cleaned and laundry done is usually a full day, at least.

The Grumpy Bus in her Full Glory

Since recovery was the name of the game this week I was mostly getting in some easy rides. I had a good quality day on the bike onSunset Thursday with a little bit of threshold work and some sprints thrown in. After working with a couple of clients in the gym Friday morning, I loaded up the Grumpy Bus & drove down to FtCo. The forecast was calling for some rain on Saturday for the Front Range, and afterdriving through a down pour on Vail Pass, it looked like it was on it’s way. As I drove down I70 the skies became more and more clear. I got to the venue in FtCo in time to get in a ride and do a little course recon. The track was very similar to years past, and it was dusty and loose. The anticipated moisture would be very welcome. Bring on the Mud!!!

NoTubes crew w/Host Randy